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Валерий Кузнецов Екатерина Кузнецова


Valeriy and Katerina Kuznetsovi т. +38 067 6337890


e-mail: we@decorkuznetsov.com


-design Interiors

-author's furniture

-industrial Design

-art objects

-sculpture, installations

-creation sites




«decorkuznetsov» studio was established in 1994

by Valeriy Kuznetsov and Ekaterina Kuznetsova. Valeriy

Kuznetsov was born in 1968 in Cherepovets City.

Ekaterina Kuznetsova was born in 1968 in Dnipropetrovsk

City. 1988-1993 – (Kharkov Art and Industry University).

Regular participants and winners of design competitions

and exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.


Products of  "decorkuznetsov" studio are in the collection

Rietveld Museum in Amsterdam, as well as in private collection

United States, Britain, Romania, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Finland,

Germany, Portugal, Russia


«decorkuznetsov» - is a mixture of fantasy and humour, future, art and

functional design. It is another view at usual things. It is own. It is positive,

regular motion and, of course, a game.

Publications in journals:


"Forbs Woman" winter 2011

"Maison & Décoration" january 2011

"The big issue" november 2011

"Design random"


"Arhidea" february -march 2010

"Arhidea" may 2011

"Arhidea" february -march 201


In the online resources:









Taking part in exhibitions:


As part of "Vodoparad":

- «Del Mobele» "Zona tortona" Milan 2004 .

- «Red dot »(Museum of Contemporary Art) , Essen, 2004г.

- «ISH» Frankfurt, 2005, 2007

- «IF» Hanover 2006


«Prostir» 2005

«Sostyazaitsi» Kiev, salon "DavisCasa" 2008

«Baltic Breeze» –Riga 2009 

«Salone Satelite» Moscow, 2009

«Art Arsenal» 2009

«Wanted design week award» 2007., 2009.

«Vodoparad» 2003 - 2010.

«Big fish» Odessa 2010 .

«Nasha sha» Dnepropetrovsk 2010.

«Speka» 2004 . 2006 . 2008 . 2010.

Gallery"M- 17" Kiev 2010 г., 2011

"Design Week" Lodz, 2011


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E-mail : we@decorkuznetsov.com

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