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"Ya gallery".

photo: Oleg Samoilenko


Kateryna and Valeriy Kuznetsovs' project already has a call in its title: "Fly!".

A goal of this journey is a reaching for freedom though it's unknown how far

it is. It's a process, continuous motion, dynamics, and completely not a

philosophical contemplation of an abstract notion. Freedom can be the main

life condition that nothing has sense without, or can be concretized in spatial

pursuit of inner self - then it's called an emigration.


While we are free, we look in different directions, and our thoughts about flights

to foreign lands are more than natural. However, the Kuznetsovs desire to fly

above their motherland despite the war and mishaps.

To demonstrate a tragic situation of the project, the authors fill all the space in


Dnipropetrovsk art center: birds soar to the ceiling in a hall and doing this they

romanticize the notion of freedom. Nevertheless, their flight becomes their fall

in a terrace. A desire to fly up is accompanied by a desire to have wings that so

often are cut.

Conceptualism of objects is completely shown in a form that allows to reveal


meanings in a more diverse way. The main material for birds is bark: it is

various by age and texture; it makes each object individual. Using wood that

has merely earthly nature, gives an opportunity for personal interpretation of freedom.

Such harmonic combination of external and internal, art and design has already

become Kateryna and Valeriy's creative signature that can be proved by their

previous exhibitions.

According to the authors' intention, an observer is literally inscribed into the project:


in time and space, by means of the form and content. And because of these

components the Kuznetsovs calls: "Let's fly!" 


Polina Limina



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