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No Truth Through Torture


We are surrounded by a great number of opinions and words - a huge information stream

what carries both truth and lie under the word of truth. Today we are shown this day's

truth as if the yesterday's one is no trustworthy any more. But the truth either exists or not.

The truth is a static and unchangeable notion. There is no yesterday, today or tomorrow's truth.

The truth is the only one After a tree is cut down, its core is taken away and its skin - a bark

- is thrown out. Things which we see and admire everyday are like trees covered with the bark.

Meanwhile the bark is a protective shell against a lie A tree is only one of examples and images.

Shell is a core. Is it necessary or not? And where is the truth - inside or outside? Is it in the

tree's heart or is it outside - meticulously collected in our project? Probably, some souls

were sealed there - shining souls that sacrificed their lives for this truth. And the shell

only was left to be eaten by insects In the Middle Ages there was an old Russian

torture and punishment - so called "pravezh". People were beaten barefoot with whips

and pushed out on the snow. Suffering from pain and cold, they took the blame on themselves

even if they had done nothing wrong. Since this torture couldn't reveal the whole truth, it

gave an origin to the saying: "No truth trough torture" There is no truth through torture,

it is inside. And inside there is an emptiness and a hope-giving light.


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