CUBA BUBA Innovative Cognitive-Game Module For the department of rehabilitation of neurological patients and sick children with disorders of the musculoskeletal system at the Children's City Clinical Hospital No. 5 of the city of the Dnieper. The module invites the kids into a sterile space with nine thousand six packs, which can be filled with colored ropes freely. As before, the main advantage of the designs is that the materials for it are environmentally friendly and safe (in the case of the second version of CUBA BUBA it is a pressed tree). Also, the CUBA BUBA modules continue to enrich the hospital environment of the life of the actual architecture (by the way, the project does not have a single unified design, each object is unique), thereby delivering joy to small patients. So why exactly CUBA BUBA? All in childhood it seems that the "hospital" and waiting in line last for an eternity, and the limited leisure in the hospital causes irritation. This prevents us from more likely to recover and makes us subconsciously afraid of doctors. What is CUBA BUBA? - Motivation for creativity and active play - Synthesis (goals, dreams, images) - Tactile experiments: small, medium and large motor skills (effects on different muscle groups) - Sociability: communication with peers, parents - Color therapy (color choice, composition) - Psychological unloading and physical activity This is not all that a social and charitable project is capable of - CUBA BUBA, which every day brings something new, every child creates something unique!