Learn, play and be friends ... and recover! at the Children's City Clinical Hospital №3 Training module installed first in a series CUBA BUBA     How to hospital for a child friendly environment and a place where I want to learn, play and do at least a kindergarten or school?   At the beginning of 2017 in the river started another joint social project * Power Brusylivsky Dnieper and architects Catherine and Valery Kuznetsov, known CUBA BUBA. The first ground for its implementation in the spring of this year was the Children's City Clinical Hospital №3. As part of the charity initiative drafted cognitive-playing module, designed both patients and hospital visitors.   How does CUBA BUBA and why children want?   Laconic, elegant and incredibly interesting not only children but also adults with dimensions 2,4h1,7h2,3 meters CUBA BUBA design easily fits in a hospital play area and is a standalone "room to room", which will manage the children themselves .   From CUBA BUBA hospital treatment stops to limit the child in the knowledge of the world: the many shelves it will find books, games and construction sets, furniture and couches to read, homework or share leisure time with peers on the board - to draw with chalk, and the A touch of the wall with over 20 textures - experience unexpected tactile experience, developing fine motor skills and dexterity. Aim: To fight against "by the sickness" apathy - for children in hospital walls could talk, play and learn, willing to spend under medical supervision for the treatment and rehabilitation and in the future will not apply to inpatient treatment hostility.   CUBA BUBA module created from environmentally friendly materials, easy to maintain and safe to use, in design no sharp corners, and for kids it can monitor adults - enough space inside and parents.   Future initiatives, citizens and future plans   Today in the river are 5 children's hospitals and 15 clinics, some of which have room for education and recreation in general. The appearance of the walls in their innovative children's area could change the look of children on treatment and instill a responsible attitude to health. Naturally, the authors CUBA BUBA not going to be limited to one-time action. It is expected that a series of modules will be expanded with new unique design (while maintaining the original design size) and geography mounting modules - to grow steadily.