In Ukraine, the food project "Farm of the future" was held. On this project, the guests had an opportunity to interact with creative Ukrainian cooks and designers in an interactive format, to get acquainted with the current trends embodying the notion of "healthy food" and take part in tastings and master classes. Organic project "The Farm of the Future" is inspired by an attentive attitude towards nature and is dedicated to organic food, farm products, eco-trends in food and design. Designers Catherine and Valery Kuznetsov were invited to create the atmosphere of the farm. The task was in that it was necessary to come up with a simple construction that could be assembled in one hour. The design consists of 15 beams 40x40 mm, connected by bolts. The farm is enriched with natural lamps made of veneer. In general, the design fulfills its task and complements the basic idea of ??a healthy food festival