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The studio is situated at the old part of the city, in the past it was the return house of Alexander Pole – very respectable citizen of Ekaterinoslavwho had set up the city center a hundred years before. The flat has an absolutely untypical entrance: one gets to this place while going upstairs a little metallic staircase that leads to a little box with a door. We wanted to preserve things that were not changed before as far as possible. So the "wall panno" appeared that was made of plaster pieces and paints of different historical epoches. The radiators, the chandelier, the doors were renewed. The space of the studio is always at the position of regular movement. Something appears, is transformed, seethes and changes. Here the old things begin to perform new functions, there are fly-wooden caps-viet-nameses, a bag-stool made from cardboard, a tin for keeping the transference and many other things.

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