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Our art belongs to some epoches that has experience in international exhibitions and competitions participance, then we use this experience in our works, combine dierent ideas and approaches.


Active voluntary activity has given a new branch to our work. The exhibition "No truth in torture" serves like a bright example for our work.


A great number of installations, exhibitions and objects of subject design has been created by us and it gives us power and belief. We use dierent materials in our work - wood, metal, glass, gum, faience, ceramics, wool, ax. plastic, precious and semi-precious metals and others.


We test and are not afraid of anything new, contrary - it inspires us. But basic sources of our inspiration are communication, journeys, nature and fantasy that is endless.


decorkuznetsov Studio - is the mixture of fantasy, art, futurism, art design.

We are ready to create and make foundation!

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E-mail : we@decorkuznetsov.com

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