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We had the idea of the opened space of the sitting-room, the dining-room, hall, the kitchen in the basis. There are three block-islands – one is at the hallzone (with a red branch and moving parts of the wardrobe, the wooden ceiling that is well combined with the wall), the second is at the dining-room. Sector and the third is the kitchen itself. There is a niche from the birch veneer with the transforming "upper birth" and the mattress placed at the teenager's room. Continuing the Scandinavic-Ukrainian topic, photos are exhibited in the flat: the landscape of one Finnish Bay Island, at the teenager's – the bank of the Baltic Sea Island, at the sitting-room – the square near the modern art museum Kiasmus and the picture of our summer cottage above the sofa. Evenings the archipelago residents have the possibility to see the real game of lights where even the island-book-case has its own lighting. 

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